Back in 'the day' summers in St. Louis meant a cruise on the Admiral. Those ended in 1979, but how much do you remember about the riverboat?

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1. The Admiral was constructed on the hull of an old ferryboat called the...
Wrong.Right. The Albatross. The President was St. Louis' largest excursion boat before the Admiral made its debut.
2. What was the name of the family that built and operated the Admiral during its sailing days?
Wrong.Right. Capt. John Streckfus Sr. (not pictured) founded the steamship company in 1884 in Rock Island, Ill. Pictured from left: Three of the four brothers: Capt. John, Capt. Joe and Capt. Roy Streckfus.
3. The Admiral was the first riverboat to offer what comfort feature?
Wrong.Right. Air conditioning. The Admiral's ballroom was a welcome respite from muggy St. Louis summers.
4. The Admiral's interior was designed by a St. Louis woman who was working in Chicago, designing attractions for the 1933 World's Fair. What was her name?
Wrong.Right. Mazie Krebs. Sullivan is the former U.S. Congresswoman in whose honor Wharf Street was re-named.
5. One of the original attractions on the Admiral was a chocolate milk-dispensing machine featuring a tail-wagging cow. What was the cow's name?
Wrong.Right. Minnie-Moo. The popular concession sold more than 40 gallons of chocolate milk on the first cruise.
6. The top deck of the Admiral was originally known as what?
Wrong.Right. Lido Deck. It was outfitted with lounge chairs and tables with large umbrellas.
7. Name the main ballroom band during the 1970s?
Wrong.Right. Bob Kuban Brass. Kuban and his earlier band, the In-Men, occasionally played the boat in the 1960s.
8. In the 1940s and '50s, three of the four ladies' powder rooms were named after what?
Wrong.Right. Movie stars. They were Greta Garbo, Sonja Heine and Deanna Durbin.
9. On most cruises, the Admiral would travel south to what landmark before turning around to return to its downtown docking?
Wrong.Right. Jefferson Barracks Bridge. The "J.B." did not open until 1941.
10. In what year did the Admiral (by then a casino) move north from its historic mooring south of the Eads Bridge to north of the bridge?
Wrong.Right. 2000. Owners wanted to capitalize on the revelers frequenting Laclede's Landing.
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