The highly anticipated film version of "The Hunger Games" opens Friday. Test your knowledge of tributes, jabberjays, Panem and more from Suzanne Collins' best-seller about the game of survival.

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1. At what age do kids in Panem become eligible for the reaping?
Wrong.Right. Age 12. The final year of eligibility is age 18.
2. What is a tessera worth?
Wrong.Right. Grain and oil. In exchange for tesserae, a family must enter a child’s name more times in the reaping.
3. How many tributes compete in the Hunger Games?
Wrong.Right. 24. A boy and girl are selected from each district.
4. Where does Katniss first introduce herself to Gale?
Wrong.Right. The woods. Gale teaches her to set snares.
5. The mockingjay, the bird on Katniss’ pin, is a hybrid of a mockingbird and what other bird?
Wrong.Right. Jabberjay. In the book, Katniss’ friend Madge gives her the pin.
6. During her private session with the Gamemakers, Katniss shoots an arrow at what?
Wrong.Right. The apple. Katniss is angry when the Gamemakers pay more attention to the dead pig than to her.
7. What is Katniss’ favorite meal at the Capitol?
Wrong.Right. Lamb stew. Katniss also enjoys the hot chocolate.
8. Who is the boy tribute from Rue’s district?
Wrong.Right. Thresh. He’s the strong, silent type.
9. What does Haymitch tell Katniss and Peeta to find when the games begin?
Wrong.Right. Water. He also tells them to run.
10. When the gong rings at the beginning of the games, what does Katniss retrieve?
Wrong.Right. The backpack contains a sleeping bag, food, iodine, matches, a coil of water, sunglasses and an empty bottle.
11. What is Katniss’ first gift from a sponsor during the games?
Wrong.Right. Medicine. She receives ointment to treat burns.
12. How did Peeta help Katniss when she was 11 years old?
Wrong.Right. He gave her bread. His mother beat him for burning it.
CREDITS: Quiz designed by Tom Borgman