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An Atlanta-area teenager survived a terrifying road rage encounter ... and the whole thing was caught on dashcam video. 

18 year old Dalton doesn't want his face shown or last name used, but he described the rather typical rush hour merging dispute that turned into combat.

"He gets out of his car.. Punches me in the face, I kick him in the face with my boot out the window," Dalton says. 

Police identified the other driver as Emmitt Grubbs.

Dalton says during the fight in the middle of Georgia 316, he hit Grubbs with a baseball bat. Grubbs grabbed Dalton's keys and went back to his car.

Dalton followed and got the ride of his life.

"When he started dragging me, I was holding on to the car because I knew as soon as he let go I would just fall right off," Dalton says. 

Dalton Says grubbs was yelling "I'm going to kill you" as he had him in the headlock at 40 miles an hour. "He let go and he took his hand and he shoved me out of the car," according to Dalton. 

The victim in that incident told police grubbs stopped in the road, hit him in the face and left.

Court records show Grubbs was sentenced to 12 months probation.