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MEXICO CITY • Mexico announced Friday that it is canceling provisional permits for an enormous, Cancun-sized resort planned for the Baja California shoreline in front of a protected coral reef, a project that environmentalists said threatened an area that is a model for environmental recovery.

The announcement is meant to protect the Cabo Pulmo reserve, the only coral reef in the Gulf of California, a formerly overfished area where marine life has exploded after a decision almost two decades ago by area residents to stop commercial fishing and develop ecotourism activities instead.

But in 2008, federal authorities granted initial permits for a Spanish developer to build about 30,000 hotel rooms, golf courses and a marina on a strip of seaside desert about a 90-minute drive northeast of the Los Cabos resorts. Two years later, in the face of widespread protests, authorities added a series of conditions, including extensive studies of ocean currents, to ensure that sediment, runoff and waste form the planned resort wouldn't harm the reef, parts of it just 30 feet offshore.

Calderon said Friday the permits were being withdrawn because the developer, which ran into financial problems during Europe's financial crisis, hadn't proved the 9,400-acre resort, known as Cabo Cortes, wouldn't harm the environment.

Fighting the planned resort became one of the main causes of Mexican environmentalists.