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Jesse Duplantis films his show

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis films his TV show in this photo from his Twitter account. The televangalist is hoping his followers will donate $54 million to let him buy a private jet. 

A Louisiana televangelist wants his followers to donate enough money for him to buy a $54 million jet, claiming he needs it to help him efficiently spread the gospel to as many people as possible.

It would be the 4th plane for Jesse Duplantis, who is looking at the Falcon 7X, a private jet that nears the sound barrier, has an optional in-flight shower and a Bluetooth-enabled entertainment center.

He also has an answer for nonbelievers and critics who want to know why his ministry needs a 4th plane, especially a luxury jet.

“We believe in God for a brand new Falcon 7X so we can go anywhere in the world, one stop,” he told people on “This Week With Jesse,” a regular video broadcast on his website. The video on May 21 carefully mixed the gospel with a few insights into the economics of international aviation.

“Now people say … can’t you go with this one?” he said, pointing to a picture of the plane he uses. “Yes, but I can’t go it one stop. And if I can do it one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper, because I have my own fuel farm. And that’s what’s been a blessing of the Lord.”

Duplantis didn’t immediately return calls from The Washington Post seeking comment.

Duplantis is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, which includes a weekly television program that reaches 106 million U.S. households, according to his Amazon author biography. In 1997, he and his wife founded Covenant Church in Destrehan, La., just outside New Orleans.