A family greets one another at a MegaBus stop in St. Louis in August 2012. Photo by by Laurie Skrivan, lskrivan@post-dispatch.com

COLUMBIA, MO. •  Students at the University of Missouri looking for rides on the MegaBus will be out of luck at the end of the month.

The bus company — known for its often cheap fares — is ending service in Columbia as well as in Kansas City, effective Sept. 30.

A company spokesman did not immediately respond to an email requesting more information. 

MegaBus faces strong competition in Columbia from Greyhound and Mo-X, which does 12 daily roundtrips to St Louis and another five to Kansas City.

MegaBus is running one bus a day from Columbia to St. Louis through the end of the month. 

David Wallace, a Mizzou senior, wants MegaBus to keep running. He takes the bus back to his home in St. Louis about once a month, he said Tuesday.

He launched an online petition on Sunday that he hopes will convince the company not to leave Columbia or Kansas City.

As of mid-afternoon on Tuesday, he had garnered 262 signatures.

Wallace, 21, said he hopes that if MegaBus won't continue with daily service, that it will at least run on weekends or around holidays. 

Other major MegaBus stations will remain open, including those in St. Louis and Chicago.