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By the Editorial Board

Editorial: Get ready for return of elected-board rule over St. Louis Public Schools

By the Editorial Board

A meeting on April 15 and 16 of the Missouri State Board of Education will likely end with the elected school board's restoration of power following 12 years of rule by the Special Administrative Board. Skeptics abound, but the reality is that the SAB has completed its mission of restoring the system to full accreditation and financial health. It'll be up to the elected board to prove it's up to the challenge. Read more

Editorial: Julian Assange is no hero. And he sure as hell is no journalist.

By the Editorial Board

Defenders of Julian Assange are outraged at his arrest, asserting that this is a blatant affront to First Amendment rights. They’ve even gone so far as to call Assange a “journalist.” He is a computer hacker who accepted stolen classified government documents then performed a massive data dump on the internet. Call Assange what you like, but please don’t equate his business with journalism. Read more

Editorial: Calls to shut the city jail make great political fodder but belie the facts

By the Editorial Board

Ahead of the April 2 election, candidates tried to score with voters by pledging to close down the Medium Security Institution, or Workhouse, and allow most of its inmates to leave. The assumption was that they were almost all low-level offenders who didn’t pose a threat. In reality, city jail inmates are overwhelmingly accused of serious felonies. Which suggests simplistic solutions are no solution at all. Read more

Our picks from editorial cartoons around the country

In the cartoons: Wall; Whistleblower; Birds

Our pick of editorial cartoons from around the country Read more

Post-Dispatch columnists

McDermott: The struggling NRA doesn't represent average gun owners. It represents mayhem.

Kevin McDermott

There is every indication that average, law-abiding gun owners are, as a whole, more open to rational gun control than the organization that claims to represent them.  Read more

Your views: Letters from our readers

Top letters: Second Amendment proposal, teacher pensions and gun laws

These are the most-read letters so far this week. Read more

National and guest columnists

Dana Milbank: Correction: Trump never said all those things you heard him say

Dana Milbank •  dana.milbank@washpost.com

Is President Trump losing his marbles? Read more

Megan McArdle: Face it, there will never be any certainty about the Kavanaugh allegations

By Megan McArdle

My earliest memory is of the time I put a key into an electrical socket. Fine, cue the jokes, I electrocuted myself. And such a vivid memory that makes. Read more

Kathleen Parker: The heresy of hearsay

Kathleen Parker • kathleenparker@washpost.com

The recent fiasco at The New York Times, which last weekend published the latest uncorroborated sexual-assault accusation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was a monument to hearsay and a travesty of journalistic ethics. Read more


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