At the beginning of the 20th century, when the poor, many of them immigrants without means or jobs, filled the streets of St. Louis, an executive in the busy shoe district followed the national direction by founding a settlement house to help them. Located on the near south side of St. Louis, Kingdom House has transformed the lives of individuals since 1902.

Its mission is to help people achieve better lives. By looking at the individual with mind-and-body services, its programs help the economically disadvantaged achieve economic independence, self-sufficiency and a path out of poverty. Kingdom House now serves more than 2,000 people annually.

A century ago, the settlement house brought together low-paid, poorly educated neighbors to help each other alleviate poverty. Today, Kingdom House maintains its position of providing critical social services to the poorest of the poor in St. Louis. Families are strengthened with support from daycare, enrichment and teen development.