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Our Events Calendar features events for your school or church, your bar or restaurant, your band or community organization. We hope it makes submitting and finding events on, in the Post-Dispatch and in Go!, a whole lot easier. This will give you more control over listing your event and make it easier for our readers and your customers to find out what is happening in the St. Louis area.

To list your event, click on the link at

You’ll see the page below.

Add event

Click on the Add Event (see red arrow) and follow the steps. If you have not registered for the event listing site before, you’ll need register for the first time to submit an event.

All events are free to be listed. At the end of each step, we provide ways to promote your event at various price points.

Once there, you have to create a login and password with CitySpark, or use your Facebook login.

Then, you can enter your event by taking the following steps:

1. Type in the name of your event to make sure it doesn't already exist. If it does exist, you can select and edit it. If the event is not found, you can create a new event.

2. Fill out the information for your event, including the selection of the specific category or categories.

3. Upload an image with your event or chose from one of the preselected images from the library.

4. Under contact info, include the information you would want to appear with the listing.

When you have filled out all your information, hit "Next".

5. You'll have a chance to review and edit your information. If it all looks good, check the box to publish and hit Next.

6.  You then will have the choice to have your event appear as "Public" on other CitySpark partner calendars or "Private" only on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch calendar

7. You then will have the choice of submitting and finishing up, submitting and adding a new item, or submitting and paying to advertise your event.

8. It could take up to 24 hours for your event to be approved.

Each page of the submission process has a link to check for help.

Some frequently asked questions:

What do you use my Facebook login for? Will my site activity be posted in my Facebook timeline?

By logging in to our calendar, you will have access to several features that are otherwise not available. Right now, in particular, you can mark favorite events and save them for future reference. We do not share or post any of your activity on Facebook.

How do I post an advertisement on your calendar?

It’s easy. Just click on the ‘Add Event or Advertise’ button near the bottom of the event calendar that you wish to advertise in, and follow the steps to upload your ad. If you are still having problems, let us know.