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We get hundreds of letters every week. Although we can’t answer or acknowledge each letter, we do read every one of them. We have space to publish only about 60 letters a week, so the competition is tough. Here are tips on getting your letter published:

• Get to the point. The best letters are timely, straightforward and focused on a single issue.

• Our standard limit for a letter is 200-250 words, but shorter is better. On occasion, we make exceptions. But the chances of a long letter being published are slim.

• Be your own editor. Letters are often written in the heat of the moment, so it’s a good idea to go back and review what you’ve written.

• All letters are subject to editing for fact, grammar, length, clarity and taste. It’s fair to criticize the ideas and arguments of others, but we don’t allow name-calling.

• We don’t publish form letters, open letters or poetry. We never publish unsigned letters or those signed with pseudonyms.

• No letter writer usually will be published more frequently than once every 60 days. The aim is to use as many writers as possible.

• If you are responding to a specific article, letter or editorial, please include the date of its publication.

• Your letter must include your address and a daytime phone number. Only your name and city of residence — not your address — will be published. If we’re considering your letter for publication, we will call you to verify your authorship and your willingness to see it in print.

You may send your letter to the editor by e-mail, fax or postal service.

Regular mail: Letters to the Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 900 North Tucker Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63101

E-mail: (E-mails should be in plain text, not attachments.)