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FOUL: Back when they were living in the St. Louis area, John Loudon and his wife, Gina Loudon, sought to become the glamorous poster couple for the tea party movement.

The votes are still out on who that couple may be, but it isn’t the Loudons.

There was John, a good-looking Republican state senator from Chesterfield, and his perky and attractive wife, Gina, a radio personality and self-described “politicologist” who styled herself as “Dr. Gina” after she got a Ph.D. in human behavior from an online university in California.

They left town after John was term-limited out of office and now live in San Diego, where he is the executive director of a trade association for builders and contractors.

Given their fondness for the limelight, it should come as no surprise that the Loudons have turned up on a reality TV show. What may be surprising is that the show is “Wife Swap.”

Even more notable is that Dr. Gina trades lives with a mother in a polyamorous (defined politely as people who have busier love lives than most of us) relationship in New York.

That mom, Angela Envy, has four children and lives with her husband, Chris, and their shared live-in girlfriend, Ashley. Dr. Gina and Mr. Loudon live with their five children, including an adopted son who has Down syndrome, minus the live-in girlfriend.

From the show’s PR department, we learn that Dr. Gina is “uncomfortable with the situation” but that after Chris and Ashley take her out for drinks, “Gina begins to let her guard down and starts sharing her true feelings about the relationship ... as well as her stance on myriad controversial topics.”

We can only imagine. The ABC show is due to air March 28 at 7 p.m. on Channel 30. Could this be the breakthrough the Loudons were looking for? As they say in show biz, stay tuned.

— Deborah Peterson