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Regarding the letter “Blues, backers need to think about long-term diversity.” (June 19): In my 72 years of living in St. Louis, I have never attended a Blues game or a Rams game. I have attended perhaps a dozen Cardinals games. I’m just not a sports fan. But I am happy the Blues won the Stanley Cup and that all of the celebrations were joyous and without negative incidents.

At about the same time the Toronto Raptors won their first National Basketball Association championship. The “celebrations” there included four people shot and a few stabbed. Canada is basically a gun-free country. Maybe the Toronto residents should do their celebrating in St. Louis. The Blues fans may not be as diverse as some people would like, but people like to support things they enjoy and not the things that they have no interest in. Nobody should be shamed into attending or not attending an event just because of their color.

Tony Petruso • St. Louis