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Regarding the guest column “Motorcycle helmets save lives and prevent brain injuries” (July 3): Maureen Cunningham’s warning about the danger of allowing motorcyclists to go without helmets should be read by every parent whose son or daughter gets a motorcycle.

Our 21-year-old son was thrown off his motorcycle when a drunken man stepped in front him, causing him to fly head first onto the street. The accident caused serious injury to his brain. Injured brains do not heal like other parts of our body. Today, more than 30 years after that accident, our son’s brain has not matured beyond the age of 21.

There are numerous effects, both physical and social, that affect his behavior. I would like to think Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will consider the dangers recited by Ms. Cunningham and the accident of our son. A veto would save many lives and unforeseen injury and agony to countless Missouri families.

Dana Spitzer • Kirkwood