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The bills passed in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri are anathema to the majority of Americans. These bills seek not to protect lives, but to subjugate women by criminalizing our health care decisions. These draconian laws are in direct violation of our basic human and constitutional rights.

Whether to terminate a pregnancy or not is a personal, private decision into which no government has the right to interfere. In the United States, every woman has the unalienable right to her own life, liberty and the pursuit of her own happiness.

These regressive measures are also racist and classist, denying poor women and women of color the freedoms that wealthy white women will continue to exercise.

They will have a disastrous impact on our economy and result in the deaths of many women.

I demand that Gov. Mike Parson vetoes these misogynist attacks on women’s rights.

Kathleen Corbett-Otto • Overland