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About 35 percent of Americans are now considered morbidly or grossly obese. Chances are their children are being raised to be permanently obese also.

The National Institutes of Health indicates obesity causes an increase in health care spending of up to 59 percent greater than those not obese. That means the non-obese are paying more for health insurance or government aid because of the obese.

This is a terrible mistake. We are still mammals and our bodies crave food constantly. When we have eaten “all we can eat” at one time, we have eaten more than our body can deal with. Why? Because your stomach does not notify your brain immediately to stop eating. You just feel full later, but it's too late then.

Why not see how little you can eat and still feel OK? Skip lunch unless you are doing manual labor. Forget dessert. You don’t need it. Walk more, eat less. Or you will die early due to diabetes, kidney trouble, heart disease and colon cancer.

Joseph Reichert • Belleville