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I am an old white guy and am proudly pro-choice. Governments should have no authority over a woman's reproductive system. Laws such as the one passed in Alabama and another in Missouri are a blatant attempt to secure the fundamentalist Christian vote in 2020. Even some Republicans in Congress have said this is too severe.

These measures are about controlling women's bodies, mainly their reproductive systems. Male fundamentalist Christians, and some women, have never accepted the idea that women are equal to men. Today's Republican Party has made anti-abortion part of its platform. I thought Republicans were against government overreach.

For years there have been fewer abortions, as well as fewer unplanned pregnancies. This is partly due to sound sex education. Planned Parenthood deserves much credit, since they provide medical help for women who can't afford regular doctor visits.

Male fundamentalist Christians want total control over women's sexuality. Alabama is one of seven states I have never visited. I will maintain that status from now on.

Larry L. Brown • Glen Carbon