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APTOPIX Mexico US Immigration

Hassan Bustio Paz, a 5-year-old from Honduras, walks with his mother and other migrants below Puerta Mexico bridge that crosses the Rio Grande. Hassan's mother said she is one of at least four migrants who were told they could not put their names on the months-long list to request asylum in the U.S. at this border post, since they did not request Mexican papers after crossing the southern border.

(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Regarding “Nun’s sympathy for migrants too liberal and misinformed” (Aug. 3): Letter writer Jane Petry wants Sister Agnes Brueggen to take her sympathy and compassion to another country.

I guess it’s not enough that we “send them back,” we should also send away people who sympathize with migrants. Also, Ms. Petry should realize that “good, faithful Catholics of St. Louis” remember that that kind of intolerance and bigotry was once directed at their immigrant grandparents and great-grandparents.

Lou Malnassy • Kirkwood