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Regarding the Short takes editorial item “Dewey, redux” (Aug. 10): Periodically, you boast that the Post-Dispatch keeps its news section separate from its editorial page. You must think, as I do, that it is the right thing to do. Why else state it? But in this editorial, you praise The New York Times for changing its front page headline about President Donald Trump, not because it was a misstatement of fact, as it was absolutely correct, but for your pathetic excuse that it “cried out for context.” Come on. Isn’t that the job of the news story to which it was referring? No, it was changed because it didn’t further the left’s and your attempts to portray Trump as a racist.

Since you think this rewrite was worthy of praise, do you expect your readers to believe you do not editorialize every day in your choice of headlines in your news sections in order to provide your political slant to the news? You surely must know that your readers don’t believe you when you profess to keep them separate. The difference among them is the liberals welcome it. Shame.

William J. Weir • St. Charles