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Post-Dispatch platform

A marble wall in the lobby displays the Post-Dispatch Platform, written by Joseph Pulitzer. The platform also runs in print every day on the Opinion page. Photo by Beth O'Malley,

Regarding “Biased reporting prevents morning newspaper enjoyment” (Aug. 21): This letter from Barbara Huber really hit the nail on the head. Having grown up in Chicago, I remembered when reading the Chicago Tribune was a quiet and serene time. Like Ms. Huber, I looked forward to retirement and an entertaining paper to read along with my coffee.

I know what Ms. Huber was referring to. Your paper seems to have but one perspective regarding each item that is written or editorialized about. The Post-Dispatch does not tend to exhibit any viewpoint other than from a liberal and left-wing perspective.

Please, as Ms. Huber requests, bring back a paper that is as fair and as balanced as possible to a 75-year-old retiree who really looks forward to each morning with my newspaper, paired with my coffee and relaxation time. This is what makes us happy.

Bob Du Chateau • St. Louis