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St. Louis County Council discusses investigation of Metro officers

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar waits with officers in July as the St. Louis County Council discusses investigating Metro security. Photo by Morgan Timms,

I am a big supporter of the St. Louis County police, but  Chief Jon Belmar should stop making excuses about the police officers who failed to do their jobs at the Metro stations. No, these weren't carefully selected photos; no the officers were not changing clothes; no the officers were not monitoring anything or the plethora of other excuses he rolled out.

Riders have repeatedly told Belmar they do not see county officers on the platforms or trains. There has been an uptick of crime on these same platforms and trains. Ridership is down because the citizens are too fearful to ride without a police presence.

What we, the citizens of St. Louis city and county, want to hear from Belmar is only this: I am sorry for these problems, I vow to get to the bottom of it and things will be fixed immediately. Then do it. The officers were wrong; admit it, fix it and move forward. We are tired of endless excuses.

J. Klaus  •  Maryland Heights