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Post-Dispatch platform

A marble wall in the lobby displays the Post-Dispatch Platform, written by Joseph Pulitzer. The platform also runs in print every day on the Opinion page. Photo by Beth O'Malley,

I have always subscribed to a hometown newspaper since got my first job and would read it voraciously. As a busy working professional mother of three, I missed my days when I could settle in with a cup of coffee and just soak up all the news features — I loved it all. My dream was, when I retired, to grind my own coffee, read the newspaper uninterrupted, and go to daily Mass. That is what makes me happy.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was key in my retirement dreams. Now I’m 62, and retired. I have my coffee, my morning church service, but, very sadly no Post-Dispatch. This is because over the years, you have become one-sided in your political views. I respectfully ask you to present both sides equally, reporting the facts in an unbiased way so that I and many others can enjoy the morning paper.

The newspaper is not dead. Many people love the feel , even smell of the paper, while reading it spread out before us, soaking up the news, laughing at the comics, enjoying the advice columns, reading the want ads, the sales ads, all of it. It’s a lovely, comforting ritual that people truly miss. Please consider a more balanced approach, and I promise you your readership will increase. We miss it, and it’s time to bring it back.

Barbara Huber • St. Louis County