Two shot at Wellston Market

A North County Police Cooperative officer walks back to his car after two people were shot at the Wellston Market on Sunday, July 28, 2019. The market, at 6250 Page Avenue, is where North County Police Cooperative Officer Michael Langsdorf was shot by a man June 23. Langsdorf later died. Photo by Robert Cohen,

I find the Black Lives Matter movement very misdirected at times. Absolutely black lives matter, as all lives matter. What I find disturbing is that this group protests primarily when a police officer shoots a black man. In most of these occurrences, it seems, the person who was shot was a known felon or was breaking the law and resisted arrest, putting his own life at risk.

Where is the Black Lives Matter movement when over a dozen innocent black children have been killed since April? I haven’t seen one protest in association with these tragedies.

Studies have indicated that many of these deaths have to do with the drug epidemic in St. Louis. But regarding “St. Louis police officer kills man in struggle over gun, police say” (Sept. 6): Police officers put themselves at risk when they investigated suspicious actions originating from a parked car. The officers noticed marijuana sitting on the driver’s lap, giving probable cause to investigate. The driver resisted arrest and reached for his gun rather than comply with the officers’ request. How quickly we forget a similar recent story, “Man with criminal history charged in police officer’s shooting death at Wellston market” (June 26). The shooter, Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks, also had a criminal history and had a gun.

I find it appalling that the Black Lives Matter movement protests the actions of police — people who are putting their lives in danger to protect others. I find in even more appalling that Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner comments negatively on the actions of police officers prior to an investigation of an officer-involved shooting. Ms. Gardner appears to be more interested in protecting criminals than the innocent population in these distressed areas of our city.

Bob Senf • St. Louis County