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Regarding “‘We did it!’ Blues hoist their first Stanley Cup” (June 13): The F-bomb-filled post-game tradition of hoisting and skating the Stanley Cup around the ice by individual players was disappointing to say the least.

I think misunderstanding the magnitude of acting with character befitting a champion was more than a total lack of class. It was an organizational failure and demonstrated that the Blues are not really worthy of being champions due to the inability to act like champions.

I played competitive hockey including college and junior levels. I understand the culture of the game and the boys-will-be-boys locker room behavior. But a suggestion: leave locker room talk in the locker room when you are on a big international stage watched by millions, including children, and act like you have actually been there before.

I was rooting for the Blues to win the Stanley Cup and thought your story line, from last to best with a rookie goalie, was a great accomplishment. But there will be an asterisk next to the Blues’ accomplishment on the Stanley Cup. It should say, “Fought like true champions and dishonored the victory with boorish behavior.“

Gary Whiteley • Kenai, Alaska