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Blunt watch party in Springfield celebrating

FILE PHOTO: Roy Blunt, after his re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2016. Photo by J.B. Forbes,

I recently wrote to Sen. Roy Blunt, calling on him to do something about mass shootings. In his response, he assured me he was in favor of legislation to keep homes and families safe. With all due respect, considering his history of accepting large donations from the National Rifle Association, his refusal to support limiting or banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and his failure to comment publicly and forcefully on the need for firearm safety, I find that hard to believe.

If he were serious, he’d take concrete action to keep assault weapons out of the hands of civilians. Doesn’t he worry that someday a member of his family will be caught in crossfire at a public place? The time for conversation is over. It’s way past time for thoughts and prayers. It’s time to do something. It’s time to stop helping the NRA help gun manufacturers sell more guns, and take positive action to restrict public access to assault weapons.

Sharyn Essman • St. Louis County