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Matt LaMarr and Abbey Busch

Matt LaMarr and Abbey Busch pose for a picture at an event earlier this year. The couple says St. Louis Police Officer Brandin Neil tackled them in an unprovoked attack at a downtown St. Louis bar on May 26, 2019. Photo provided by Abbey Busch.

Regarding “Couple says St. Louis officer at center of assault investigation attacked them” (Sept. 3): Apparently police officer Brandin Neil is a bully who just can’t help attacking people for no reason other than to say: I’m a cop and I can do what I want because I have a badge and gun.

His latest was at a downtown bar where he allegedly attacked Matt LaMarr and his girlfriend Abbey Busch for no reason. It’s too bad the bar didn’t have cameras, like the gas station had at his previously reported incident. How many times does this cop have to pick fights to show off? I usually support the police, but for his actions, he should be fired. Take his badge and gun and stop his bullying.

Jo Donze • St Louis