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We are only about 15 months away from the election. But if you want to elect a lawmaker who was truly honest and really worked hard for us, you would have to take a trip back in time to Springfield or to Jefferson City. That was when most of our legislatures were made up of working people, like you and me. They truly cared about how we felt. These days, we have are what are called “career” politicians.

Career politicians are those who have been in office way too long. They have gotten carried away with their money, and rather than being responsible adults, they are acting like little children. They are from both parties. They are too busy lying to each other and too busy lying to the very people who voted for them. Thanks to career politicians, the national budget looks like if it has been fed into a paper shredder. These career politicians mostly claim to be Christians but deep inside them, I think they are atheists. I think the minister at the National Cathedral needs to deliver a big sermon about telling the truth and being honest.

Patrick D. Richmond • Kirkwood