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IHOP restaurant in Clayton

IHOP restaurant in Clayton. Photo courtesy of Google Earth

Regarding “For one St. Louis family, the long road to justice began years ago” (July 7): There’s a glaring omission in Richard H. Weiss’ story: Let’s say there were two groups of young white people dining at the Clayton International House of Pancakes; one group paid and left while the other group left without paying. The police are called and happen to see one of the groups walking a short distance from the restaurant. Do you think they wouldn’t stop the group to investigate and ask them to return to the restaurant to see if they are the ones? Yes, the color of skin is often used to describe people; it is not necessarily done as a racist act. The only real difference between what happened to these young black people and my hypothetical young white people is one would make headline news and the other would never be reported.

John Ellis • Kirkwood