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Once again, we are confronted with mass shootings. Once again, we ask ourselves: How many innocent people have to die? Once again, we wonder, how do we comfort the families whose loved ones have been killed and whose grief will never go away? We have so many crises to confront, including the twin crises of hatred and guns. We feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to effect change.

The gun crisis is not one of those problems. We actually have the power to make it better with relatively simple actions. We could begin with closing gun-show loopholes, banning assault rifles and limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines.

The National Rifle Association and its apologists always scream, whenever people talk about common-sense gun legislation, that we are trying to take away their guns. This is a cynical and corrupt lie. We simply want rational limits on the types of guns and ammunition people should own. We simply want common-sense laws that may save lives.

Tom Schlesinger • Clayton