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North Hanley police station camera covered up by county police

In a still frame grab from surveillance video, an unidentified St. Louis County Police officer appears to be placing a sheet of paper in front of a security camera on Feb. 9, 2017, at the North Hanley security office at the MetroLink station.  Photo via Metro Department of Public Safety

The reports of the dereliction of duty by the St. Louis County police officers assigned to patrol MetroLink stations are very distressing ("Camera cover-up," July 23).

I wanted to contact the police commissioners to ensure they would be investigating. I called the number listed on the county police commissioners' web page; it is the number of the police chief's office. The person who answered the phone asked what articles I was talking about, and he took my message and assured me he would pass it along. So I left my complaint about the county police and my view about the chief's inadequate response with the chief's office.

In addition to the MetroLink situation, perhaps we should also investigate the independence and oversight of police commissioners whose calls are filtered through the office of the chief they are charged with overseeing.

Cathy Gilbert  •  Ballwin