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Regarding the very informative article on the front page, "Missouri will revisit raising gasoline tax" (Dec. 31), written by Leah Thorsen dealing with the gas tax:

Most students of public finance will argue that the employment of a user tax such as the gas tax is the most efficient way to collect a tax. This is true even when the metering of electric usage by automobiles becomes necessary. However, the allocation of the funds as the Missouri Department of Transportation must do to build and maintain roads is not an easy job.

Recent proposals in the Legislature are recommending that many county and lettered state roads be eliminated from MoDOT’s responsibility. This would certainly ease MoDOT’s job in prioritizing the spending of its funds. The caveat in this proposal to shift responsibility, however, warrants that county gas taxes be introduced. A county gas tax would offer the advantage that the collection and disbursement would be closely connected, and as a result, receive support for a tax increase.

Howard B. Baltz  •  Town and Country