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Will Milwaukee's program to cure violence work in St. Louis

414LIFE workers Chris Conley, at left, and Bernard "Bud" Carpenter, at right, shake hands with resident Jimmy Harris on Monday, Sept. 30, 2019, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Conley, Carpenter and other members of 414LIFE were canvassing the neighborhood and handing out literature about their organization. They were asking residents to call them if they knew of conflicts that could possibly escalate into violence. Harris told the two men about a police brutality case he has pending in the courts. He believes the problems his neighborhood is experiencing are because of the bar/lounge at the end of the block. Photo by J.B. Forbes,

Regarding “Milwaukee’s Cure Violence program: mixed reviews and lots of hope” (Oct. 5): St. Louis is going to try a program that is not working in Chicago. If it’s not working in Chicago, can someone please tell me why they think it’s going to work here in River City?

The real reason is those who are in charge have not a clue in dealing with African Americans and crime. This is just an attempt to direct money to leaders to silence them and not to accuse others of racism. The word racist is flung about, and this keeps the focus off the true nature of why crime occurs. One solution to the crime problem might be to start reducing fatherless homes.

Mike Ellington • Creve Coeur