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Vote No on Prop A post-election party

Union leaders, including Mike Louis (second from right), president of Missouri AFL-CIO, celebrate as results are announced during a post-election gathering of union members involved in the Vote No on Prop A campaign at the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 in St. Louis Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018. The proposition, which was defeated, would have added Missouri to the list of states with"right to work" labor laws. Photo by Sid Hastings

Regarding “‘Right to work’ is out” (Aug. 8):

The biggest thing from this election would be the lie that this overturned law was not a big win for labor. I labor for my money but won’t see a single solitary benefit. By donating to Democratic political campaigns you empower the hierarchy, not the dispossessed at the bottom.

We won’t be able to lure big car companies, further destroying labor. We aren’t going to win any other huge companies. If anything, we lose more than we gain, another strike against labor.

Looking at the front-page photo on the Aug. 8 Post-Dispatch, it’s those guys who benefit, not the little guys at the bottom. They will forever be little people never getting to their true potential. Unions destroy innovation and progress, keeping crooked idiots in charge of the little guys’ ability to think for themselves.

Why aren’t we as a people trying to get folks as upwardly mobile as possible? Why this incessant need to count on other people for my existence and sustenance? I guess I just can’t do it on my own; I must need someone else to take my earned money so I can assure myself of job security. It seems if that’s true, we are going backward or regressing away from the ideals that the founders left.

The world is ruled by the aggressive use of force, so becoming weak is good? I can’t throw out 5,000 years of adaptation and evolution for some post-modernist silliness.

Paul Swigert • Florissant