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North Hanley police station camera covered up by county police

In a still frame grab from surveillance video, an unidentified St. Louis County Police officer appears to be placing a sheet of paper in front of a security camera at the North Hanley security office at the MetroLink station. Metro records obtained by the Post-Dispatch indicate there have been at least eight such incidents. Photo via Metro Department of Public Safety

My jaw dropped and my heart sank as I read Tony Messenger's column "Camera cover-up" (July 23). A dark, shocking shadow of mistrust has just been cast over members of the St. Louis County Police Department.

If the picture is as accurate as it appears, the public should demand a complete review of this single incident as well as the entire system that allowed such behavior to slip through the cracks.

Chief Jon Belmar and County Executive Steve Stenger have some work ahead of them. Lives are at stake as Metro riders remain sitting ducks.

Mary Morgan  •  St. Louis County