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Regarding “Blues Should Have Behaved Better When Celebrating” (July 8): I think it is enormously irresponsible of the Post-Dispatch to have published this letter from Gary Whiteley of Kenai, Alaska.

Whiteley states there will be “an asterisk next to the Blues' accomplishment on the Stanley Cup.” He characterizes the Blues as lacking class and that it is an “organizational failure” because the players dropped the F-bomb a couple of times.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In the first place, most of these issues might have been avoided if NBC had been smarter with its microphone placement. Secondly, these men play professional hockey — they were not attending a cotillion. I doubt the Blues intended to offend anyone. They were merely expressing their exuberance.

Finally, I think the way the Blues organization comported itself during the entire regular season and playoffs was the very exemplar of “class.”

In conclusion, Mr. Whiteley should mind his own business. I doubt anyone in St. Louis cares much for his misinformed opinion. I do not know what possessed the editors of the Post-Dispatch to print such a ridiculous letter. If its purpose was to make someone mad, mission accomplished.

Mike Thornburgh • Grover