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Iran says Saudi attack claimed by Yemen rebels justified

In this photo opportunity during a trip organized by Saudi information ministry, a man stands in front of the Khurais oil field in Khurais, Saudi Arabia, Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, after it was hit during Sept. 14 attack. Saudi officials brought journalists Friday to see the damage done in an attack the U.S. alleges Iran carried out. Iran denies that. Yemen's Houthi rebels claimed the assault. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Regarding “Saudis show media scorched, shrapnel-blasted oil facility” (Sept. 20): Let me get this straight. Iranian weapons are found at the site of the attack, so Iran is responsible? How about the billions of dollars in U.S. weapons sold throughout the world? If they are found at an attack site, are we responsible? Good question.

Please, no more stories like the Gulf of Tonkin or weapons of mass destruction. Some of us remember the lies and horrible, wasteful wars that followed. There are lessons to be learned in knowing our history.

J. Matyshak • Fenton