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2005: Lambert International

7/28/05 Thursday St. Louis The old air traffic control tower at Lambert International fell to the wrecking ball Thursday morning. The roof of the structure came crashing down in this sequence of photos past a workman from Ahrens Wrecking who was spraying water on the structure to keep the dust down. The tower has been closed for several years. PHOTO BY J.B. FORBES

Regarding “Is airport privatization a trick or a treat?” (June 20): I noted that all of author Adolphus M. Pruitt II’s positive examples (except San Juan, Puerto Rico) were from cities that had public-private partnerships. If my memory serves me correctly, it seems to me that virtually all of the talk concerning St. Louis Lambert International Airport revolves around just privatization, without mentioning partnership.

Previous Post-Dispatch contributors have cited several major cities who tried to privatize their airports and had disastrous results, one of which was Chicago.

I urge St. Louis officials to look carefully at a wide sample of airport actions and beware of cherry-picking data to support their views.

Carol Aucamp • Creve Coeur