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Trump insists he and GOP want stronger gun background checks

President Donald Trump boards Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, N.J., Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2019. Trump is heading to Monaca, Pa., about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh, to tour Shell's soon-to-be completed Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex. The facility, which critics claim will become the largest air polluter in western Pennsylvania, is being built in an area hungry for investment. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Regarding D.R. Phillips' Aug. 5 letter, "Trump won, Post-Dispatch, time to get over it": D.R. Phillips blames the media for our country’s massive division and says they are out to get President Donald Trump. Surprisingly, the writer doesn't find Trump’s 10,000 lies to be a real issue. Rather, the writer accuses the Post-Dispatch of citing too many negatives about Trump while not reporting the good things — none of which are named.

I applaud the Post-Dispatch for reporting the news. Readers need to know about Trump’s lies, obstruction of justice, racist diatribes, destruction of the environment, crooked cronies, dangerous tax cuts and tariffs, policies that put children in cages and efforts to enrich himself and his family.

Should the Post-Dispatch not report all of this? It’s hard to see how anyone who believes in democracy, honesty and ethics could want Trump’s obvious violations swept under the rug.

Tim Arnold • Kirkwood