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Rush Island Energy Center

The coal-fired Rush Island Energy Center electricity generation plant owned by Ameren Missouri in Jefferson County is seen in April.

At Ameren Missouri, we care a great deal about the environment, and our customers and the communities we serve and call home. That's why thousands of my co-workers made the same decision my wife and I did — to raise our families in this great region. While I accept differences of opinion, the Oct. 6 editorial on a court ruling, "Ameren's environmental answer," is misinformed.

Air quality in our region is good. Extensive monitoring shows emissions from Ameren Missouri's energy centers are well below federal air quality requirements. At Rush Island Energy Center, for example, sulfur dioxide emissions are down a third since the case was filed in 2011, thanks to the right investments.

The editorial uses phrases such as "putting profits first." But this doesn't reflect an understanding of how utilities make money. Prudent investments in the system actually contribute to profits. But we must spend our limited capital wisely with customer affordability in mind. Ameren Missouri is particularly mindful of keeping rates low for those who can least afford it, such as seniors and those on limited incomes, while also meeting environmental requirements.

I firmly believe Ameren Missouri acted appropriately in this case, which centered on permitting requirements on work to improve reliability and reduce emissions at Rush Island. We look forward to proving that. 

At Ameren Missouri, we are focused on environmental stewardship with more than $1 billion of investments in wind and solar energy over the next 15 months. We're also working to keep rates stable and predictable, which is why our electric rates are about 20% below the Midwest average. 

Michael Moehn • St. Louis

Chairman and president, Ameren Missouri