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Editorials on school transfers distort racial issues

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The editorial writers at the Post-Dispatch consistently distort racial issues. They avoid attributing any of the problems of black neighborhoods to the characteristics of blacks. The main problems are poor educational attainment, drug use, teen pregnancy, single parenting, violence, and crime. The editors invariably speak as if the dysfunctions and pathologies of black culture are imposed externally on blacks by society.

The habitual dishonesty of the Post-Dispatch has been on full display in its commentary on transferring students from Normandy and Riverview Gardens to Francis Howell and Mehlville. Normandy and Riverview have low levels of academic performance, high levels of disruptive behavior, and high levels of violence and drug use. The editors focus only on the supposed benefits to the students who will be bused out of their own bad environments. The editors speak as if the transfer will all go one way: the bused students will supposedly benefit from being in a more civilized school. The editors do not acknowledge that the incoming students will bring the pathologies of their own culture with them. The editors speak as if the transfers will involve no real costs for the parents and children in Francis Howell and Mehlville. That is dishonest.

The editors would almost certainly not sacrifice their own children in a feeble attempt to ameliorate the pathologies of black culture. They want other people to pay the cost of the editors’ racial idealism, and they sneer at people who object to paying those costs. Bad faith. Hypocrisy. Business as usual.

Joseph Carroll  •  Olivette

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