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Mobile health clinic

The Archdiocese of St. Louis will open a mobile health clinic in 2019 that will travel to rural parishes of Washington and Franklin counties. Photo courtesy Archdiocese of St. Louis.

What did the Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature gain when it decided to reject the Medicaid money from the federal government? It is astonishing that elected representatives of the people would take away medical care for the poor. According to the article, at least five rural hospitals in rural Missouri have closed.

There are a number of questions this article raises. How many millions of dollars in Medicaid assistance did the state not receive since the action was taken? Is there a breakdown by county as to how many people in rural Missouri were affected by this action? Every rural county in Missouri was won by Republicans in the recent midterm elections. Do these people realize they are voting against their best interests when they voted to have Josh Hawley represent them as a U.S. senator? He will not help them. Their plight will likely get worse while he is in office.

I am glad to see Catholic Charities is going to provide free medical care for these poor people. Much thanks to all the hospitals and staff who are involved.

John Davis  •  St. Charles County

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