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It seems clear that our right to a free and honest election has been hijacked. And now there is going to be a grand jury impaneled to discuss the matter and decide on what to do?

There is really nothing to discuss. If state law sets forth the procedures to be followed for the process of absentee voting, and there are improprieties with ballots being delivered in unsigned envelopes, no envelopes at all and multiple ballots delivered by someone other than the person purported to be the voter — that’s enough without a discussion. All those ballots should be thrown out and disregarded.

In addition, any election workers who took the questionable ballots and included them in the voting process should be fired immediately. That is their only job: to monitor and ensure that a fair and honest election process is followed. Any other action is a gross dereliction of duty, and they should be fired on the spot.

Tom Trog  •  Ballwin