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Michael Brown memorial on Canfield Drive in Ferguson

Milwaukee Excellence Charter School students Tucson Harris-Hughes (left), 12, and Taliya Wilbert, 14, read the plaque along Canfield Drive in Ferguson that severs as a memorial to Michael Brown on Friday, May 17, 2019. The plaque and a bronze dove further down the street were installed in 2015. The memorial plaque on Canfield Drive has become a place of pilgrimage where individuals and groups in tour buses often stop by to pay their respects to Brown and the protests that occurred in 2014. Photo by David Carson,

It’s late July, and we have been bombarded with Ferguson anniversary stories. It almost seems like a way to stir up trouble. Just once I would like someone in authority to tell the real story surrounding the day Michael Brown was shot. Maybe a police report would help. Even national news stories and TV shows have misrepresented the whole story.

It was first reported that Brown stole from a store and assaulted the store owner before he met up with the police officer. This is seldom mentioned. Then he allegedly assaulted the police officer, Darren Wilson. This was under-reported in the many stories that followed.

I would really appreciate the true story being reported instead of stories that leave out facts.

Debra Johnson • Oakville