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Ferguson Civilian Review Board meets in August 2019

Eugene Franks, center, chair of the Ferguson Civilian Review Board, looks at his watch as he waits for a quorum of members to arrive to begin the meeting at Ferguson City Hall on Monday, Aug. 5, 2019. Ferguson resident Angelique Kidd, seated in the audience, was the only member of the public beside four members of the media to attend the meeting. Photo by David Carson,

Regarding “A woman knits, a board member is voted out as Ferguson Civilian Review Board meets” (Aug. 7): After reading the article about the problems facing the Ferguson Civilian Review Board as well as the poor attendance of one of their members, they might consider replacing Nader Abde with Angelique Kidd. She appears to be the only citizen who cares enough about the issues to attend every meeting.

Mary Dobbs • Florissant