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United States Constitution and vintage American flag

Regarding “Faith Perspectives: ‘We the people’ and true freedom” (Aug. 17) by retired United Methodist Church Pastor Greg Weeks: Before retiring, Mr. Weeks had built a reputation as being far left. This and recent articles by him explain why.

Instead of his statement “My rights are more important than collective rights,” he should have written, My opinions are more important, etc. If one were to apply his analysis to other rights in our Constitution or Bill of Rights, he could justify restricting voting, alcohol, driving, free speech, political party affiliation or any other activity based solely on his opinion and the actions of a few.

Taking away the rights of millions, based on the illegal acts of a few, must never happen in a free society. No one has come up with a law or restriction that would affect illegal use of guns, drugs, etc. The “We” in “We The People” is what makes this a great nation. Although I am not a member of Manchester United Methodist, I have had the privilege to attend various services and functions as an invited guest and friend of many members, and it has been a rewarding experience.

Don Podrasky • Manchester