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Richmond Heights officer fatally shoots man across street from St. Louis Galleria Mall

AnDrea Martin, second from the left, mother of Terry Tillman, the man relatives say was shot and killed by a Richmond Heights police officer, talks with other officers near the scene where her son was fatally shot after a foot chase that started in the St. Louis Galleria mall and ended across the street on the second floor of a parking garage on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019. Photo by David Carson,

Regarding “Police shoot, kill man near St. Louis Galleria mall” (Sept. 1): An officer shot Terry Tillman running in the Galleria. Was he endangering other customers? Our local mall is also posted as an active shooter zone, also known as a “gun-free” zone. However, like every such posted business I have seen, it is not legally posted, by state-mandated code. The sign must be 11-by-14 inches tall, with 1-inch lettering, and prominently displayed. Our mall only has a small sign, several feet to the side of the door. It does not qualify, under state code, to be a gun-free zone. Nothing, it seems to me, justifies the officer's shooting of Tillman.

Michael Dobony • Springfield, Mo.