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Gov. Parson in St. Louis

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson talks with media on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019, following a brief tour of the area in the 5900 block of Martin Luther King Drive at Hamilton Avenue in St. Louis. He met with the founders of Beloved  Streets of America.

Photo by Christian Gooden,

Regarding “Rural car sales issue prompts Missouri Gov. Mike Parson to call special session” (Aug. 22): Dear Gov. Parson: Since you have called a special session of the Legislature to deliver a tax break to your rural Republican base, do you think you might also ask them to spend few minutes discussing what our state might do to reduce the number of deaths resulting from gun violence?

While I understand that the shooting deaths of 11 children in the St. Louis area thus far this year might not rise to the same level of importance as allowing Missourians to reduce their tax liability when purchasing a vehicle, some constituents consider this matter worth considering. Besides, we are paying the costs of convening this urgent special session of the Legislature.

Kenneth Brown • St. Louis County