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Biddle House transforms into shelter for downtown homeless

The Biddle House, an old market building being converted to a homeless shelter at North Tucker Boulevard and Biddle Street, sits north of downtown on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Photo by Robert Cohen,

I was very happy to see Darlene Green give the final vote for the Biddle House for the homeless in St. Louis ("City approves 24-hour shelter for homeless," July 23).

The property was given to the city of St. Louis to be used for the benefit of the St. Louis population and that includes the homeless. Ann Mullanphy Biddle, my great-aunt, gave the property to be used for a public market, where people could buy and sell their goods. She was a most generous individual to the city and was known for her charity and gifts to unwed mothers, orphans, schools, immigrants, and the first hospital in St. Louis (founded by her father, John Mullanphy).

This is the proper use for this property in light of who gave it to the city of St. Louis in the first place.

I wish the Biddle House well and hope it helps people in their dire need and gets them the help they need to have a decent life. Shouldn’t we all wish that for the homeless?

Elizabeth Mullanphy Boland Barbieri  •  Brentwood