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We’ve heard much talk about free college, “Medicare for All”, forgiveness of all college loan debt and various other entitlements proposed by the progressives in the Democratic Party.

The plan to pay for these proposals would apparently come by increasing the taxes of “the rich,” however they define that term. Progressives believe these entitlements should apply to U.S. citizens, as well as people here illegally. How do we pay for these programs once our population has doubled? Immigration will skyrocket once people from other countries learn that there is an attempt to change the motto of this country from the Land of the Free to the Land of "everything is free.”

I’ve decided I would like to get in on all this free stuff. My dilemma is that my wife and I have already paid for all of our children’s college as well as all of our own and our children’s health care costs during our working careers. Therefore, I propose that we be reimbursed for all our children’s college costs as well as all health care premiums, past and future, including all Medicare and Social Security taxes withheld from our paychecks. Should we send the bill to Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or just the Democratic presidential candidates in general who support it? I’m sure they can get reimbursed by “the rich.”

Keith Sanguinet • Oakville