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President Donald Trump is playing with war the way a toddler plays with his food. That fuse is now burning down to the powder keg, as our crippling economic sanctions are prodding Iran to lash out. This only plays into the hands of the war hawks within the administration, like national security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both of them have been in the Middle East beating the war drums while Trump watches Fox News, hour after hour, waiting to be told what his Iran policy should be. He might as well be that same aforementioned toddler, watching cartoons.

This is how great countries commit suicide — by entrusting their fate to corrupt, inept politicians who put rank tribal loyalty over country. This is how democracy shoots its own foot off. Trump loves to blow up treaties, but he’s terminally worthless when it comes to what’s next. He owns this dangerous and unnecessary mess, and it’s getting closer and closer to igniting another Persian Gulf war.

If we stumble our way into a shooting war with Iran, I have no doubt that Trump, the consummate buck passer, would blame it all on Hillary.

John Odell • Pasadena Hills