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99th House District

Democrat Trish Gunby (left) and Republican Lee Ann Pitman (right) are running to represent the 99th District in the Missouri House. The election is Nov. 5, 2019. Photos courtesy of their respective campaigns.

Regarding “Special election for West County seat in Missouri House drawing money and attention” (Aug. 12): This article on state House District 99 drew my attention. Because the Republican candidate has raised such a small amount of money on her own, she must depend on outsiders to fund her local campaign. Casey Wheat, director of the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee, said, “We intend to spend whatever it takes to keep it red.” Apparently, who gets to represent residents is determined by money, and lots of it. How depressing.

The article continues: “The Missouri Republican Campaign Committee, and potentially other groups, are expected to make up the difference, and then some.”

What other groups? Will those groups disclose where the money is coming from?

We must all be smart voters. Our representatives should represent our priorities. Whom we send to do that job should not be bought by unknown groups. “Spending whatever it takes” is cynical commentary on voter intelligence. It’s time to prove we’re smarter than that.

Wendy Geckeler • Chesterfield